Pilot Propane Inc
Pilot Propane is in their second year of business, providing service to central eastern Alberta and Central Western Saskatchewan.
Current customers are:
  • Eagle Exploration
  • Hi-way Service
  • Global Fusion
  • Muldoon Trucking
  • PTI
  • And various residential clients
Pilot Propane is eager to provide competitive pricing and 24hr service to existing and future customers.
We at Pilot are looking forward to growth as out customer demands increase and will strive to provide best possible service and equipment.
Pilot Propane and Employees are fully trained and currently supported by the CPA (Canadian Propane Association)
Pilot Propane is fully insured and certified to work in the oil & gas industry.

Our Services include Bulk:
  • Bulk Delivery
  • Tank Evacuation
  • Tank Delivery
  • Gas Fitting to Oilfield, Construction, Agriculture and Residential
Rentals & Sales include:
  • Tanks
  • Generators
  • Heaters
  • Dispensers
  • Gas Fitting Accessories
Equipment includes Tandem 16000L bulk truck, flat bed picker unit, 112000L plant, portable dispensers, 1000, 500, 200 Gallon Tanks.